International buyers know how to find the way to Hooge Mierde

The fifth edition of Excellent Dressage Sales (EDS) resulted in a small 2 million euros on Saturday night. Observed by five hundred guests, no less than 41 horses and 9 foals were auctioned at Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde. The most expensive horse that came under the hammer of auctioneer Koen Olaerts was Kaprãlis, a 9-year-old stallion from Coleo x Gudvils. He was sold for 400,000 euros. In recent year Excellent Dressage Sales has built up a good name abroad and this year again attracted an international audience to Hooge Mierde. With buyers from countries such as America, England, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark, the organisation looks back on a very successful evening.

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Excellent Dressage Sales

Are you looking for a dressage horse with excellence? Carefully bred and selected? A talent with a solid education? A horse with an honest story? With advice from an Excellent team of internationally acknowledged experts? And all this in the unique environment of Academy Bartels in the Netherlands?

Then you should not miss Excellent Dressage Sales, the auction organised by the top horse scouts of Holland: Joop van Uytert, Nico Witte, Tim Coomans, Eugène Reesink and Joep Schellekens. This Excellent team has proven that it can breed, manage and train horses to international shiners.

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